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Jackie McLaughlin

Jackie is an artist known for floral design and concept driven installations using natural resources of any kind.

Based in Kelowna, Jackie serves the whole Okanagan Valley, the Lower Mainland, and worldwide as a destination wedding and event florist.

After earning her degree in Fine Arts, Jackie spent time teaching both locally and abroad. It was after her return to the Okanagan from living in Taiwan that she founded her floristry business in 2020.

She is fascinated by the relationship between humanity and nature; the dichotomy of humanity depending on nature but threatening it at the same time. Her business practices always seek to apply methods that are least harmful to our environment, rejecting the use of floral foams, chemicals and single-use plastics when possible.

Jackie’s work is infused with a sense of whimsy and artistry. Her creations are often playful and remind us that flowers are not just carriers of beauty but also vessels of joy. Her designs are known to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. For her, it is not just about arranging flowers; it’s about painting life.

Jackie’s work has been celebrated in galleries, events, and homes across the globe. Her artistry has been enjoyed at weddings, corporate gatherings, and intimate celebrations.


I founded JAM Florals as a small, sole proprietorship business in 2020, right in the middle of the COVID pandemic. While this may seem like odd timing, especially considering events and most gatherings were disallowed, it actually worked out quite well in that we were able to take on many weddings and events that were either postponed or that other florists could not accommodate. Thus began our journey, with welcomed success.

We are grateful for the overwhelming support and guidance we’ve received from our Okanagan community, as we navigate the world of wedding and event florals, as well as our professional artistic endeavors. I am thankful for my husband and business partner, and for our freelancers’ tireless help each year.

Core Values

Artistry: We see flowers and foliage as living works of art. Our arrangements are a testament to the power of creativity, crafted with skill, care, and an eye for detail.

Contemporary Design: We embrace the ever-evolving world of design trends and infuse our creations with a contemporary flair that is both visually stunning and forward-thinking.

Experimental Practices: We thrive on experimentation, pushing the envelope to discover new ways to showcase the beauty of blooms. We continually seek out innovative techniques and materials to surprise and delight.

Playful Aesthetics: Our designs are imbued with a sense of playfulness, adding an element of whimsy and joy to every creation. We believe that flowers should inspire thought and wonder.

Bold Modernity: We embrace boldness and contemporary design, creating arrangements that break the mold and challenge conventions, all while rooted in a respect for natural beauty.

Seasonal Authenticity: We celebrate the seasons by sourcing and incorporating mainly local blooms and sustainably foraged materials, allowing our designs to reflect the natural rhythm of nature.

Sustainability: We are deeply committed to the environment and practice sustainability in all aspects of our business. Our designs prioritize eco-friendly materials, responsible sourcing, and minimal waste.


Jackie offers services for those seeking to celebrate love, connection, and relationships. As an experienced destination wedding florist, she is available for weddings both within BC, Canada and internationally.

Jackie is experienced in creative design and direction.
In addition to her wedding floristry career, she offers design & styling services for events, brands and businesses, by use of organic mediums such as: florals, fruits, vegetables, plants, and other organic materials;

Full list of services:
Wedding and Event florals
Floral design, installs & arrangements for
businesses and hotels
Editorial design & styling for photoshoots, brands, advertisements
Staging, design, and installation of floral-focused art for any project

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