Wedding Florals

Jackie specializes in wedding florals that are a captivating blend of modernity, playfulness, sculptural experimentation, artistry, architectural finesse, seasonality, and sustainability.

Modern & Artful Wedding Florals by Jackie McLaughlin, based in Kelowna BC

“In the fleeting life of flowers, we are reminded that beauty thrives in impermanence and diversity; Their ephemeral existence reminds me that life’s most exquisite moments are often the briefest.”

I want to evoke these same feelings in those that view my work;
Just as each moment is special and fleeting, I want people to really experience and feel each piece I create during it’s short life,”

Jackie’s extensive and ingenuitive experience designing florals for special occasions of many kinds has lead her to become known for her specific and unique style in the Okanagan and beyond. Artful, sculptural, architectural, bespoke, and playful are some of the many words used to describe Jackie’s work. 

Modern arrangements with bespoke artistry, refined colour choices, and inventive concepts that reflect your distinct style.

“Taken by the ephemeral and delicate grace of each flower, I become a vessel to unite their elegance and wild nature. I strive to do each story justice by the meticulous choice and combination of colours, creating depth and warmth though the tones and textures of each petal, leaf and stem. Each flower and foliage are given their own space – a balance that allows each to shine without outshining the others.”

In their togetherness, flowers become the words and emotions to their own story. Just as it is at the hands of the florist that flowers gain meaning, it is through the careful arrangement of flowers that your story comes to life.

Drawing inspiration from both architecture and nature, Jackie designs florals that are visually captivating and structurally unique, ensuring seamless integration with your venue,

Your wedding day is a singular, momentous occasion, and her innovative approach to floristry ensures it will be an unforgettable experience. Her designs merge traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics.

Jackie believes in transforming your wedding florals into works of art that reflect your unique love story. Explore her portfolio for bespoke, sustainable, and artistic floral inspiration.


Do you offer a-la-carte pricing?

For very small wedding orders (only including bouquets and boutonnieres, personals, etc) we can offer this pricing method. 

However, for full service weddings, we love working with our clients to design a unique experience that is specific to you and your story!This includes a complimentary consultation, completely customized floral design plan, access to our entire collection of rentals, and delivery, setup and cleanup. We work with you to create the perfect design proposal that matches your vision and we take care of everything so that you can focus on celebrating. Our minimum for Full Service is $3000.

Do you use foam?

 No, we are committed to pursuing sustainable business practices that support our fragile environments. We use products such as AgraWool and Oshun Pouch, which are floral foam alternatives made of organic materials. We use reusable materials and mechanics in our floral builds, and avoid using products or florals that include chemicals, dyes, or other toxic elements.

Sustainability in the floral industry is a tough journey, but it’s highly important we and other florists commit to building a cleaner industry.

How much do your services cost?

From arrangements and bouquets, to arbors and large-scale installations, pricing will always vary and depend on the design and flowers used. Unless we are offering predesigned arrangements through our shop, we don’t tend to give hard numbers for any custom product as this would be an inaccurate pricing method.

Instead, we like to ask our clients and customers a few initial questions to gather more information on what they’re interested in, and form there we can offer an quick pricing estimate for us to start with.

Do you use silk/fake flowers?

A question we often hear at weddings, events, or otherwise from guests that see our flowers, is “are these real?!”

YES, haha. We are committed to artful, authentic and sustainable practices in our creations. Florals and organics are our medium of choice and we love getting to share their diversity with others. 

Silk is actually the most environmentally detrimental textile to manufacture, so, like dyed and bleached flowers, we avoid using them in our work.

Where do you source your flowers?

We source our flowers largely from BC local growers and wholesalers, and if necessary for a specific look, we include flowers imported from Europe and South America. 

We also use flowers from our own personal cutting patch, and at times sustainably foraged foliage.

Let’s get started!