Floral Sculpture & Arrangements

“To many people, a flower is no more than a passive element of nature whose sole function is to be admired.”

To think that, however, is to miss the vital fact that flowers have something to convey to the viewer, and must therefore be not only admired, but understood”

Jackie’s artistic and sculptural floral arrangements are not just about flowers; they are about transforming spaces, creating experiences, and leaving a lasting mark on the memory of those who encounter them.

Whether you are a hotel, a business, a designer, or an event planner, her distinctive floral designs promise to be the perfect addition to your environment, making it an extraordinary and captivating space.

Turning floral installations into works of art;

“Each pure in its imperfection and alluring in its beauty, flowers carry stories to be told. It is these stories that captivate me as a florist. I am inspired to give flowers a voice and make their stories heard.”

“As both an artist and florist, I go to great lengths to source the perfect flowers to complete a desired look, while also finding many of my materials in our local surroundings. The final product truly is an extension of myself, my client, and my interpretation of nature. I find joy in collaborating with a client or couple to create flowers unique for their project; taking inspiration from them, the season, and the surroundings.”

Jackie’s installations reinforce your brand’s values and ethos. By using colour schemes, flower choices, and design elements that resonate with your brand, she creates a harmonious, immersive experience.

Whether it’s a store opening, a product showcase, or a marketing campaign, her floral installations are adaptable to various settings. They can be the centrepiece of your event, a stunning backdrop, or a conversation starter – always enhancing your brand presence.

She believes that each arrangement is more than just its flowers, it has layers of beauty that are meant to be experienced, not just seen.

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